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Shengyi cooperate with global renowned automotive end customers and be deeply rooted in automotive electronics industry


In industry 4.0 era, with proliferation of automotive electronics, global automotive electronics industry is entering into rapidly growing period. As more and more ECU and electronic component have been applied in car, “Smart Car” and “Connected Car” is becoming industry hot topic in recent year. 
On the circumstance of automotive electronics continual growing, with years of persistent effort, Shengyi automotive segment now have become one outstanding niche market with Shengyi characteristic and significant market value, what’s more, high reliability CCL used in automotive electronics is growing to one of the highlights of Shengyi whole business.  
With rapidly surging automotive anti-CAF laminate, heavy copper laminate and radar board laminate by automotive industry growth and technical upgrade. Up till now, Shengyi have possessed abundant experience of anti CAF、heavy copper and high frequency application. In latest years, after S1000 widely used in automotive electronics, Shengyi have launched second generation high reliability product-Autolad series product for automotive ECU and radar board laminate for automotive 77G radar board.
In March 2015, as “Autolad series” product becoming hot topic in Shanghai CPCA show, within latest 2 month, many famous automotive customers like BOSCH, Continental, TRW, LEAR,etec, have visited Shengyi and discussed cooperation in automotive electronics industry. Especially on April 14th, after visited Shengyi in 2014 first time, Daimler-Bens, the world-wide automotive company once again come to Shengyi Songshan Lake site with other companies. Our automotive customers are all impressed by Shengyi production process control、excellent on-site management and exclusive national R&D center ability. 
In the future, Shengyi will keep continual effort striving to the ends of “smiling curve”, with more in-depth and widely cooperation with famous global automotive end customers, Shengyi will play important automotive supplier role and be deeply rooted in automotive electronics market.