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Development with Internationalization
- By LIU Shufeng

In 1985, against the background of reform and opening- up policy, Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd, (formerly Dongguan Shengyi Copper Clad Laminate Co., Ltd) introduced the manufacturing technology of copper clad laminate from USA by joint-venture.
Since 1995, China has gradually become the major manufacturing base of PCB and CCL in the world. Meanwhile, electronic industry in China has become more and more internationalized.. As China opened  to the world, oversea laminates, as well as overseas laminators flew into China and even set up plants. This made China the battlefield of international competition for capital, market, technology, quality, cost and most importantly, talents.
As a young enterprise, Shengyi, with more than 20 years efforts, has grown into the world’s top-5 laminator from an annual capacity of 660,000sqm, to more than 45 million sqm at present. Moreover, to meet the demand of the electronic industry, Shengyi has been expanding its capacity. In the next 5 years, Shengyi will reach an annual capacity of 72 million sqm for cooper clad laminate and 10 million sqm for flexible laminate.
Besides capacity expansion, Shengyi also concentrates on technical advancement and innovation to develop various products so as to meet the demand of the market and customers.With an aim to provide the best service that beyond customers’ expectation, Shengyi has been synchronizing itself with updated customers’ need. With sound management system and electronic information system, Shengyi is able to provide quality, consistent product and timely service to customers. Shengyi will spare no effort to satisfy customers.
Shengyi is also a responsible company. We devote ourselves to public interest and development, environmental protection, energy and resources conservation. We care about our staff, and share the growth with them, with the shareholders and the society. We also have been sharing our success with customers and suppliers. 
Shengyi’s growth benefited from global industrial transfer . We are willing to improve with more open attitude by exchanges and cooperation to become a world-class company. We are confident to meet the challenges of internationalization with sustainable development.