SYTECH Awarded 2019 Gold Quality of Corporate Governance of SSE Listed Companies

On December 13, 2019, the 2019 Listed Company High Quality Development Forum and Gold Quality Award Ceremony organized by Shanghai Securities News was held in Shanghai. This year, the forum theme is Innovate the Value of China, Strengthen the Power of China.

This year's Golden Quality award selection focuses on the public companies with complete corporate governance, good growth,scientific and technological innovation and social influence, gathers the heads of companies with extraordinary vision and outstanding talents in the industry,and excellent director board secretaries who continuously create value for companies, shareholders, and investors, so as to work together to promote high-quality development of enterprises and consolidate the foundation for comprehensive and deepening reform of the capital market.

With comparatively complete governance structure and system, as well as continuous improvement in corporate governance and management Innovation, SYTECH achieved in enhancing company quality. In the Gold Quality award ceremony, SYTECH was awarded 2019 Gold Quality of Corporate Governance of SSE Listed Companies.