Business Integrity

SYTECH Anti-Fraud Regulations

Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SYTECH”), a listed company, adheres to business integrity,abides by the code of business ethics and all applicable laws and regulations,has "zero tolerance" for any form of commercial bribery and corruption, and respects and protects the common interests of business partners and SYTECH. At the same time, SYTECH requires all business partners to jointly comply with laws and regulations, code of business ethics, and relevant anti-fraud regulations of SYTECH.

SYTECH Anti-fraud Regulations:

1. During business cooperation,it is not allowed to bribe SYTECH employees in any form, including cash, marketable securities, proof of payment, non-low-value stationery (unit price of more than 500RMB) and other valuables.

2. Without the prior consent of SYTECH, it is not allowed to organize SYTECH employees to participate in the following activities, including but not limited to tourism, high-consumption entertainment, and meetings held in scenic spots for tourism purpose, except relevant expenses borne by SYTECH.

3. If SYTECH employee asks for bribes during daily business process, or promote bribes from partner through instigation and assistance, the partner shall clearly refuse and report to SYTECH.

4. During business cooperation, one party should take the initiative to declare the relationship with the employees of SYTECH and consciously avoid.

5. Without the permission of SYTECH, it is not allowed to jointly establish a company with SYTECH employees or their relatives, or allow SYTECH employees or their relatives to participate in partner companies.

6. It is not allowed to collude in bidding and quotation, disrupting the bidding order of SYTECH, including collusion with other bidders and tenderers.

If any partner violates the above provisions, once verified, SYTECH will immediately suspend or terminate the cooperation relationship with the partner after giving written notice; at the same time, SYTECH reserves the right to pursue its legal responsibility.

SYTECH has set up an internal complaint channel and established an investigation mechanism. Any partner finds that other partners or SYTECH employees are suspected or have violated relevant laws and regulations, or related regulations of SYTECH, please feedback through the following channels:

Email: shenji@syst.com.cn

Tel: 0769-88986318-6033

We require and encourage real-name reporting. SYTECH strictly keeps the reporting unit, the informant and the reporting content confidential, and requires that the unit and the person under investigation shall not retaliate against the reporting unit and the informant. If retaliation is found, it must be traced and dealt with seriously, effectively protecting the reporting unit and the informant. At the same time, once the reported incident is verified, we will give the informant certain reward according to the nature and impact of the incident and cooperation of the informant, such as cash rewards or purchase share increase.

“SYTECH” in this statement includes Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd. and its holding companies.

Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd

October 18, 2022